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Bare Faced Benefits: Why you should start going bare faced!

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Going makeup free is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Choose one or two days a week to go bare-faced, your skin will thank you! We know the idea of going makeup free could make you begin to panic, but you’ll be amazed at what it will do for your skin.

Going Makeup Free For A Day…or Two:

Gives Your Skin A Chance To Breath
Taking off your makeup each evening is essential, however that only gives your skin the evening to be free. Going makeup free for a day or two promotes faster skin regeneration.

Give You Extra Time To Focus On Skin Care
Taking your makeup out of the picture give you more time to focus on your skin care. Instead of a morning makeup application you’ll have time to put on a face mask, exfoliate your skin and really give it the time it deserves!

Helps Unclog Your Pores
Reduce the chance of breakouts by letting your skin go makeup free for a day or two. Because oily clogged pores cause breakouts, you lessen the opportunity for clogged skin when you go bare skinned! Hello clear skin!

Reveals More Youthful Skin
A natural bare skin face is a younger looking face than one with layered on with makeup. Go au natural and reveal a more youthful look!

Ladies, give going makeup free a try! If you can’t imagine two days without makeup, start with just one and see the difference revealed in your skin! If you’re looking for a skin boost, come in for a HydraFacial or IPL facial to take your skin to the next level. Call for your complimentary consult (978) 409-0126.


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