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Day Spa or Med Spa?

Everyone needs a spa day now and again, but do you need a day spa or med spa? What’s the difference? A traditional day spa offers services to help relax and rejuvenate. A common Medical spa is designed to offer services a level above an ordinary day spa with the oversight of a licensed physician.

Our Med Spa Differences:

Here at Level Up Med Spa our difference lies in the guidance and oversight of our board certified physician, Dr. MaryAnn Millar. Dr. Millar has over thirty years of practice experience!

One of the main differences you’ll find in a medical spa is rather than offering just relaxing treatments like you see in a typical spa, but rather focuses on treatments to improve and enhance your overall appearance. With the support of our licensed physician, as a medical spa we are able to offer treatments that require the license of a doctor for treatment. This includes treatments less about pampering but more about overall improvement. At Level Up Med Spa we support non-surgical procedures because we believe in the importance of little to no downtime in our services. The benefits of non-surgical procedures include less risk and less recovery time.

Our medical grade treatments include skincare, laser treatments and the most innovative body contouring procedures. We are able to offer professional treatments you will not find in a typical day spa because we are supported by our licensed physician. If you are looking to take your skin and body to the next level, contact us at Level Up Med Spa to schedule a complimentary consultation. By offering the most effective treatments in non-surgical aesthetics we can help you achieve the body and skin you’ve always wanted!

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