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Help I want to get rid of my sun spots!

sun spots

Here at Level Up Med Spa we want our clients to have the confidence in their skin and body they deserve. Sun spots can affect the way you live your everyday life if your covering up your red and brown spots with clothing or trying to hide your pigmentation with makeup.

Now getting rid of your sun spots is easier than ever with the help of IPL pigmentation treatments at Level Up Med Spa. 

IPL reduces the irregular discoloration and brown spots caused by sun damage. IPL technology uses intense pulsed light heat that is applied to the skin structures that cause the discoloration of color, this destroys the blood vessel - “the sun spot”.  An IPL treatment can address red and brown spots, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and small veins. 

The extraordinary benefits of IPL you will see even in just one treatment! Most often we will recommend at least three to four treatments to completely address your area of concern. Another benefit of IPL is the little downtime. IPL uses multiple layers of light to treat the skin, rather than a laser, so it’s only side effect is minor redness to the skin after treatment. You’ll be excited to know IPL is also very reasonably priced, ranging between $150-$350 per session depending on how much of the skin is needing treatment. 

So don’t let brown spots get in the way of your confidence! Call us at (978) 409-0126 to schedule your free consultation or free video consultation. 



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