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Is Body Contouring Right For You?

body contouring

By now you’ve probably heard of Body Contouring. But what is it and are you a good candidate for this new innovative trend in treatment? If you’ve been sticking to a healthy diet and keeping up your gym routine…but still can’t shed that last bit of stubborn fat – then body contouring will change your world! Love handles, muffin top, flabby abs, donut belly, are all a thing of the past with the fast and effective body treatments offered at Level Up Med Spa.

Body Contouring - What is it?

Body Contouring is a procedure performed to enhance your body’s silhouette. A Level Up Med Spa our body contouring / body sculpting treatments are non-surgical. This provides great benefits to our clients, as there is little to no downtime and is without the risks associated with surgery.

Is It Right For You?

As incredible as Body Contouring can be, we want to ensure we are recommending the right treatment to address the concerns of our clients. This is why we schedule free consultations to determine which of our body contouring treatments is best for you. Generally speaking, there are common factors that will help you determine if considering Body Contouring is right for you.

  • You Have Stubborn Fat That Will Not Go Away

If you have stubborn fat that remains after hard work at the gym and a healthy lifestyle, then body contouring can help by targeting localized fat pockets.

  • You are Close To or In Your Goal Weight

Body Contouring is ideal for candidates who has a healthy lifestyle and is within 15-20% of their ideal weight goal. Even after our treatments those with a healthy lifestyle will best maintain the treatment results long term.

  • You Suffer From Saggy Skin

As we age our skin’s laxity decreases, resulting in droopy skin. If you are tired of your flabby arms or sagging skin in stomach or love handles, our body contouring can tighten the skin to your ideal silhouette.

  • You Want Definition

Perhaps you are within a healthy weight but lack the muscle definition you desire. Our body sculpting treatments can build muscle in as little as 30 minutes. Revealing definition you may not thought possible.

Call For Your Free Consultation

If you’re dreaming of a slimmer, toner, more defined you, than body contouring at Level Up Med Spa can be the answer. Call today for your free consultation to determine the most effective treatment to take your body to the next level. Call (978) 409-0126 to schedule a consult with our experienced team.


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