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Sticking To Your Resolutions


It’s almost the end of January, are your motivations to stick to your weight loss resolution already fading? In a study conducted by Strava using over 800 million user-logged activities in 2019 predicts the day most will likely give up on their New Years Resolution is January 19th. Each year an estimated 50% of people make a resolution that includes health and weight loss. Now that we are almost a month into the year, how do you stick to those goals for another 11 months? The idea of the long year looming ahead can be deflating. Here are a few tips to help you stick with it throughout the year:

Create Measurable Goals

Rather than a goal of just ‘I want to loose weight’. Set specific timeline related goals. And remember keep them reasonable, you do have the year to make it happen. The saddest result would be biting off more than you can chew and loosing too much too fast and rebounding all that weight back. Instead set realistic measurable goals, such as ‘I want to lose 5 lbs this month”.

Create Well Rounded Habits

If you already exercise regularly, how about fine tuning your diet and overall health too. Remember getting ‘in shape’ doesn’t always have to be a numbers game. If you are working towards a healthier diet and hydration too this can contribute to your overall wellness which will pay dividends in the long-term wellness game.

Find Your Support Team

When you are held accountable to your goals not just by yourself but by others, you are more likely to accomplish your goals. Enlist your friends in helping you achieve your resolutions, let them in on your goals. Make plans with your friends to work out and keep up healthy habits. They will help boost you when you are feeling down or hankering for a lazy day. 

Level Up Can Help

Don’t forget, even while working hard at the gym and eating right you still may face the dreaded stubborn fat that will just not go away. That’s where we come in. Level Up Med Spa offers the most technologically advanced treatments in body contouring and skin tightening. Our innovative treatments will help you in stubborn fat areas, such as love handles, abs, saggy arms and more. Better yet, our body contouring treatment will burn fat, and build muscle in as little as 30 minutes. If you’re looking to fine tune your body to the next level, call for your free consult today (978) 409-0126!



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