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What To Expect On Your First Visit

Level Up Med Spa

You’ve made the first big step and made the call. Your appointment is set, but you’re hesitant...after all this is your first visit to a med spa. Your first visit may feel intimidating, but be assured you will leave feeling so glad you made the first step.

When you visit Level Up Med Spa you will experience:

- The warmest and welcoming team members. Many of our fantastic patient reviews highlight their wonderful experience with our team. We treat our clients like a part of our family.

- A team with experience! Dr. MaryAnn Millar has over 30 years of practice experience.

- The latest technology. Our spa recently opened in the fall of 2019, meaning all of our equipment is brand new! We only select treatments that are cutting-edge offering most innovative technologies.

- No surgery! All of our treatments are non-invasive. No fear of procedure complications, since all of our offerings are completely non-invasive. The benefit means safe treatments with very little or no recovery time.

- An initial consultation during your first visit. During your first consultation we get to know your body and skin goals, challenges and overall health. The benefit of this first initial consultation is to tailor a plan that is most beneficial for your specific body and skin type. You will leave this first consultation with the assurance of having a plan to bring your skin and or body to complete confidence!

If you are hesitant about making that first call to schedule an appointment with Level Up Med Spa. We urge you to pick up the phone. We are ready to help you on your journey to complete confidence! You will feel the warmth of our staff and our true desire to help our clients reach their goals. We can’t wait to help you achieve the body and skin you’ve always wanted. Call (978) 409-0126 for your free consultation.


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