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Body By BTL - Genuine Patients Testimonials - Marcus

Body By BTL - Genuine Patients Testimonials - Marcus


I am an entertainer, so I dance for a living and I model for a living. I ended up here because I wanted to try something new, and the BTL Vanquish Me was something that was different, something that I was a little bit curious about. Just being an athlete and a dancer and a model, you always have to keep in shape. Something about keeping in shape, you always have to watch what foods you eat and watch your diet and exercising. Sometimes you still get love handles and a little belly fat, and with Vanquish Me, it really does reduce the fat cells and the little pudge that I have, even if I do like 50 abs, you know? But it does give me this boost of like, "Okay, now with this treatment, I can go into the gym and hit it harder."

I was a little skeptical because I only see females doing this type of treatment, so as a male, I was like, "You know what? Is this really for me?" Once I tried it, there's no discrimination. So I tried it, and that was just the best thing ever.

It's just like a bar that goes across your midsection, or whatever section that you want to use. I did my stomach area, and it was just heating up whatever little donuts and Oreos and cookies and candies, and it was just burning it. That's the only way I can describe it. There was no pain for me. I was sitting there relaxing, and with Wellsetics, they had Netflix playing so, I mean, that was great. I was watching a movie while getting my fat cells burned, so it was great.

Being on camera, you always have to be in shape. I've known about other procedures and treatments. I've seen it on Instagram and other social sites, I've heard on the radio. But this one in particular, and for me, it really wasn't something serious where it's like, Oh, I have a ton of fat and I need to kind of like rip this off. So it was something that I felt that can really benefit me in a way where it's like, okay, these stubborn areas, I can get them to wipe clean without having to get anything cut open and things like that. This is a body by BTL.