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Drew Barrymore & Emsculpt® : "All The Cool Girls Are Doing It."

Drew Barrymore & Emsculpt® : "All The Cool Girls Are Doing It."


I'm 44. I have two kids and I work constantly. I'm traveling. It's really hard to have consistency in your life. My body isn't the same after having two kids. And, even just on a functional level, if I would try to work out, I kept injuring myself, and I wasn't working from this strong foundation of core or where I should have been. And I was getting really discouraged and I wanted to change my life and do something really positive so that I could go into my closet and get dressed feeling good so that I could eat pasta here and there, so I could drink wine here and there, and just find that elusive balance called 80/20. I've certainly known 80/20 in the opposite direction. You realize that being healthy and strong is really important. I wanted to condition my body differently so I could exercise regularly without injury.

And then I did a bunch of recon with a lot of women. A lot of who you know, some of you don't, some who are really amazing actresses or athletes, and I was like, "I found out all the cool girls were already doing it," and it made me feel really safe about the process. And I got really excited as opposed to curious. And they're all doing it. So, I was like, "Well, then I want to do it."

I had been doing a lot of core work, so I did EMSculpt in tandem and it completely changed my foundation. It's just really changed my life. I get to go workout with my girlfriends and do dance cardio. I feel better when I'm picking up my kids. I'm just exercising smarter because I'm stronger. I'm not really a champion or into anything invasive and I'm not into aesthetics. I care about athletics, and being capable, and a strong woman. And I don't know what exactly that looks like because it's totally different for every single woman, but for me and my personal life, I know the line and I know when I'm feeling good. I know when I'm looking better for me.

Well, I definitely see lines in my stomach where I never have, which is a total anomaly for me. I'm just getting to live the life I want to. I look better, I feel better, but I'm working out consistently without landing in a physical therapist's office because I've overdone it or thrown my back out. My core was like a fish tank after kids. When women have kids, nobody talks about how broken the body is, and you're trying to get back to where you were, but you'll never be in the same place.

So, I think people probably do this for a multitude of reasons. I have friends who do Ironman who do it, me as a mother who couldn't put her body back together the right way, that was why I did it. I just wanted health and wellness in my life. Some people do it for posture. Some people do it for conditioning. Some people are hardcore athletes and want to get even stronger and get that extra boost. All the cool girls are doing it for sure.