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Michael Napolitano - President Of Level Up - Non Surgical Director

Meet Michael

Michael Napolitano stands as a distinguished non-surgical specialist at Level Up Med Spa, leveraging over a decade of expertise to craft non-surgical treatment plans that yield tangible results. His academic journey in pre-med and human physiology laid the foundational knowledge necessary for his later accomplishments in the medical device field. This unique blend of experiences has positioned him as a cornerstone in the non-surgical cosmetic and therapeutic landscape.

Mike's extensive background in medicine and medical devices, combined with his specialized training in human anatomy and fitness, renders him an invaluable asset to the patients of Level Up Med Spa. His holistic approach to patient care is characterized by a deep understanding of the body's mechanics and an unwavering commitment to health and wellness.

Specializing in skin, body, and face treatments, Mike has developed a reputation for achieving significant improvements without the need for invasive surgery. His methodical approach to non-surgical aesthetics is informed by a rigorous scientific understanding and a compassionate perspective towards each client's unique needs.

At Level Up Med Spa, Michael Napolitano and his dedicated team are committed to excellence, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of non-surgical treatments. Through personalized care plans and cutting-edge techniques, Mike ensures that every client leaves feeling confident and rejuvenated, embodying the very essence of Level Up Med Spa's mission to elevate patient care without the scalpel. Finally, if you are not a candidate for non surgical Mike and his team can and will refer you to our extremely talented and renowned in-house plastic surgeon.

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