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Why EMSCULPT® - Patient testimonials

Why EMSCULPT® - Patient testimonials


Speaker 1:
I feel like there's just a part of my abs that is a little loose.

Speaker 2:
Working a full time job and taking care of a family and working out just doesn't work very well.

Speaker 3:
To take the time and effort that it is to eat correctly, train correctly, rest correctly, most people just don't have the time.

Speaker 4:
I'm pretty busy. I have a lot of kids, I work, and I just don't have the time to schedule a surgery.

Speaker 5:
I'm all about trying to go as natural as possible or looking as natural as possible.

Speaker 6:
I want to be strong. I wanted something that would work more internally than being a superficial fix that I'm sure I'd undo.

Speaker 7:
Just being on social media, I've seen so many different things, like waist trainers.

Speaker 8:
I wouldn't say that I'm overweight or would be a candidate to have a medical procedure, liposuction, nor do I want to.

Speaker 9:
You're not a candidate. You don't have this kind of fat, you don't... Okay, well I'm not happy. So can you find something for me?

Speaker 4:
The EMSCULPT is a wonderful thing you can add into your life.

Speaker 8:
I feel like for people who are in fairly good shape and have areas that they want to target, this is the perfect option.