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Maskne - It's A Thing & How To Combat It With Help From Level Up Med Spa!

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Are You Suffering From Maskne?

Today in the age of rampant Covid-19, maskne is more real than ever! Layers of masks blocking our skin from air, causing oil buildup. Under layers of your mask is a breading ground for bacteria making acne more real than ever. Couple your mask wearing with the hot summer months and humidity, it’s a perfect site for acne flare ups to develop.

More at risk for Maskne are healthcare and frontline workers because their masks are tighter fitting and wearing their for longer periods of time. Sadly if you already are prone to skin issues, wearing a mask can only worsen your underlying skin conditions.  

What to do?

Consider what your mask is made of. Most dermatologists recommend a 100% cotton mask to allow your skin to breath. It is also key to wash your mask frequently, even daily if you can. The worst thing to do is to let the oil under your mask build up, so be sure to keep your mask clean as frequently as possible. 

Consider going makeup free. While you are wearing a mask now is the time to consider pealing back the layers of makeup to help prevent more buildup. By skipping the makeup under the mask, your giving your skin the best chance to prevent extra build up. Your goal is to keep the skin underneath the mask as oil free as possible. This means if you’ve been wearing your mask all day, wash your face upon retiring home or on removing your mask. 

So you’ve done all you can to prevent Maskne, but it’s still there! 

You can begin by using small amounts of benzoyl peroxide as a spot treatment to help problem area. Next ensure you are washing your face when you return home.  For ulitimate help, call Level Up Med Spa! We are here to help reset your skin. Through invigorating and cleansing facials and our full line of effective skin care products by ZO Skincare we will help your skin feel fresher than ever under that mask!

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